53 Hours

That is the number of hours I will have spent at home, or rather around Kirkland, since Ravi picked me up after my last day of work and until we return from Canada next Sunday! I’d say for my first month of being unemployed and planning to travel we’ve done pretty well.  About 36 hours after walking through the door from our road trip, I hopped on a plane and spent a week in Mesa, AZ escaping to some  sun  but more importantly visiting my Grandma.

Leaving my job was a tough decision on many levels and as you can imagine I had my moments of questioning my decision. Surprisingly my friends and family really didn’t question my decision (well at least directly to me) and were very supportive of my husband and I taking off for a year to explore and see where we end up! There will always be work, there won’t always be this time.

Endings are difficult for most and marking them is important to me.  Marking an ending doesn’t have to be anything fancy, but acknowledging the change is important for me.  I admit that some endings I’d prefer to just ignore or pretend don’t matter but I’ve not found that to work out so well in the past.  With my clients we exchanged stories of remembering our time and work together and perhaps a small symbolic token that captured part of the therapeutic relationship we created.  Whether a story or an object the point is to be intentional and thoughtful about the way we end something, more than a status update or tweet.

So my ending was pretty simple. finishing up that last email turning in my keys, one last stop at the lunch spot near my office and meeting Ravi in our Subaru loaded to the max with camping gear, skis, and our dogs.  No trip as usual back home that last day of work, but rather onto the next adventure.  It really did feel surreal and freeing to get on the road.  It was a goodbye and hello all marked with the blue Subaru, my husband, and two happy dogs ready to go.


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