The weather in Jodhpur was sunny and 75 degrees in the daytime, and slightly cool (55 or so) in the evening. Ideal traveling weather.

Stepping off the train from Delhi we went to our hotel for a quick wash then headed to the Mehrangarh Fort. Jodhpur is the second largest city in the Indian state of Rajasthan. It has a lively and bustling market that has flourished since the 1500s. We wandered around the market window shopping and looking at the vegetables, grains and spice for sale. Alison bought a nice shoulder bag that was made locally for like $5 USD (300 Rupees).

Another defining characteristic of this city is the painting of house walls (inside and out) with a blue color paint made of indigo. This color signifies the presence of a Brahmin househoulde, while doubly serving as a natural form of insect repellent. In the pictures below you can see the indigo hued walls scattered throughout the valley.

Mehrangarh Fort is one of the largest in India. This is also where a scene of Batman, The Dark Knight Rises, was filmed. There is a part of the film where Bruce Wayne was trapped in a prison deep in a stone lined hole. He emerged from the hole and Mehrangarh Fort is visible in the background.

Following the fort visit and a walk around town, we enjoyed lunch on the rooftop of the 18th century home of a former noble of the Jodhpur kingdom. I’ve included some shots of the meal, with a view of the fort from the roof.

It was common for ruling Maharajas to grant land and homes to ministers and other “nobels.” During the time of Indian independence from British rule (post WWII), the governing authority of kings was revoked and a democracy was put in place. At this time many rulers lost land and other structures to the government. Some, retained their property but turned their buildings in heritage homes you could stay in or dine in as means to afford government taxes. Some are exquisite 5-star palaces and others are simply ornate upper class homes. Staying and/or dining in these amazing homes is part of the fun of visiting Rajasthan.

Our hotel in Jodhpur was a 20-room heritage room of a former nobel family. The owner used to be a top ranked polo player in the world and it was located just outside the main city center. There was a nice pool (it was freezing cold though) and a pleasant yard where the only noises we heard were the parakeets and the occasional sound of a wedding party band playing in the distance.






















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  1. Happy for both of you, and you are doing a great job writing this travalogue. The photos are good as if seeing a family friend’s photo album.
    God Bless.
    keep writing,
    kind regards,
    uma, Maldives.

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