Singapore Photos

Below are a variety of photos from Singapore, which is by far the cleanest city we have both ever been to (through Kuala Lumpur was also surprisingly clean).

The most visually striking thing about the city was the amount of immaculately manicured landscaping – grass, shrubs and large tropical trees. With a tropical climate, pretty much anything thrown into the ground grows tall and fast. It was super humid.

You would be hard pressed to find any trash. Even walkways under city bridges were spotless (yes I looked, see the picture below). Of course, Chinatown and Little India were a different story, clean by Asian city standards but a bit more dishevelled. Yes, gum is outlawed here.

Check out our previous blog post for more about what we did here, which mostly entailed wandering around the city, searching for vegetarian food, drinking fruit shakes and sipping coffee!

Mushroom curry over rice and hot & sour soup.
We stopped at this place daily. $1 fruit shakes!!! Made with all kinds exotic fruits – kiwi, dragonfruit, passionfruit, starfruit, mango, etc. Watermelon was the best.
Durian! It is a stinky fruit that you either love or hate. It is also very expensive and grows in this region. We didn’t try any until Thailand. More on that in our Thailand blog post.
In addition to modern luxury shopping malls, there were quiet lanes with upscale boutiques. This is one of them.
It is the year of the horse and there were tons of decorations around ChinaTown remaining from the Chinese New Year celebrations.
Sitting area with solar powered fans and lighting.
“Living walls” were everywhere, with live plants growing along the sides of buildings.
This is the Sands casino/mall/hotel complex. It is massive and most of the shops are high end. Rooms are about $450 USD night (or more if you want a nice view or larger suite). The entire rooftop is a garden terrace with full size trees, large infinity swimming pool, restaurant and bar/club. We went up there for the view and had a drink. The pool is unreal, and it would be worth staying a night here (if you find a good rate) just to enjoy swimming there on the edge of the rooftop overlooking the city. We looked into it but the rates were too expensive and it was all booked up anyway. 
Alison finally found a Starbucks (there aren’t many in India)! Unfortunately, the drinks cost like $5 USD or more, so we didn’t have a coffee there. You can get good local coffee (called Ko Pi Su Su) for about $1 USD at small coffee stalls.
Even the underside of a bridge is spotless!
Trees everywhere, even in the middle of the business district.
Aside from many asian vegetarian places, there were a few speciality vegan restaurants (more upscale). We didn’t eat here but it looked good.
They eat a ton of seafood in Singapore (and Malaysia). It seems like they sneak prawns, oyster or fish sauce in everything! Many shops showed off their fresh catch – massive lobsters, fish or crabs. The stuff looks disgusting but apparently some people like to eat them.
There is a large Indian population in Singapore (including many South Indians from Tamil Nadu in particular), as would need to be the case to justify a Hindi music lounge.
Is this a building or a garden?
Alison found this vegetarian place serving Japanese cuisine (the menu was vegan friendly and 100% vegetarian).

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