After our second foray into Yosemite National Park, we ventured north to Lake Tahoe for two nights before driving for two days to Boulder, Colorado. We didn’t do much in Lake Tahoe aside from loading up on good food (there are many good vegan friendly joints in South Lake Tahoe, and a high quality natural foods store), catching up on sleep (in an actual bed NOT in a tent!) and watching mindless TV at Motel 6 (reruns of COPS and Dog the Bounty ).

Boulder was to be my home base for the week, while Alison flew back to Minneapolis for five days to attend a conference.

We found a very cute cabin about 2 miles from the Pearl Street area in Boulder, right on a bike path. Every morning I would go for a run, take the dogs to the dog park (a very large one), and check out one of the many vegan or vegan friendly restaurants.

One day I even ventured north to Estes Park, a small town that is the gateway to Rocky Mountain National Park, for a hilly 10K race at close to 8000ft elevation. I survived.

ravi race

Duke and Spike hung out in the car while I ran. It was nice and cool in the morning (the race was at 7:30am) and afterward we went to the Estes Park Dog Park on the shore of Lake Estes.

DSC05813 DSC05818 DSC05815

With both the dogs and I pooped out, I did a long drive through Rocky Mountain National Park, after stopping for a vegan smoothie.

DSC05824 DSC05823

DSC05821 DSC05828 DSC05827 DSC05825 DSC05837 DSC05836 DSC05834 DSC05829 DSC05850 DSC05839 DSC05838 DSC05858 DSC05856 DSC05854 DSC05852 DSC05864 DSC05859

Boulder is close into the mountains, and the Flatirons (note how the rock faces look like irons) area is especially scenic.


I met up with a friend who recently moved to the Denver area, Robert Cheeke, and we hiked to the Flagstaff summit and caught up after not seeing each other for many years. The wildflowers were just starting to come out.

DSC05868 DSC05867 DSC05870 DSC05874 DSC05873 DSC05872 DSC05876 DSC05875 photo 2 DSC05880 DSC05887 DSC05884 DSC05894 DSC05892 DSC05891 photo 4 photo 3 DSC05898 DSC05897 DSC05895 DSC05901 DSC05899

Alison returned to Denver, and I picked her up from the airport and we began our three day cross-country drive to Philadelphia to meet my family and then it was on to the Jersey Shore for a wedding.

Boulder was a lot of fun. I could see myself spending a lot more time here.

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