Glacier National Park

We spent two days exploring Glacier National Park. As we are traveling with our children…I mean….dogs (duke and spike!)….we didn’t go on any major hikes since we needed to stay with them and dogs aren’t allowed on trails in National Parks.

However, we lucked out in that the weather was overcast and chilly the second day, so we could keep the pups in the car as we did a nice and short hike above Logan Pass to an alpine meadow full of flowers and wildlife (Mountain Goats, Bighorn Sheep, Marmots and Bunnies).

Glacier was amazing…it is like a younger version of Yosemite…with big granite and limestone mountains….rugged and eroding. I say “younger” since many of the mountains seem more rugged and more in the process of erosion than Yosemite, where stone faces seem more smoothed over. There were lots of animals and wildflowers…and some beautiful meadows and plenty of alpine lakes and backcountry trails.


DSC06491 DSC06495 DSC06497 DSC06498 DSC06507 DSC06509 DSC06514 DSC06516 DSC06518 DSC06528 DSC06558 DSC06562 DSC06568 DSC06576 DSC06577 DSC06581 DSC06583 DSC06588 DSC06589 DSC06596 DSC06597 DSC06598 DSC06603 DSC06605 DSC06611 DSC06614 DSC06622 DSC06623 DSC06624 DSC06627 DSC06629 DSC06630 DSC06635 DSC06637 DSC06640 DSC06648 DSC06650 DSC06654 DSC06657 DSC06659 DSC06662 DSC06667 DSC06671 DSC06672 DSC06673 DSC06675 DSC06677 DSC06679

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